Generator Services Gate 3

The following GATE-3 generator testing will be performed and is included in a base bid:

Inspections/ Tests performed

  • Borescope inspection of armature winding, rotor winding and blocking (as accessible), stator core step laminations and fingerplates
  • Insulation resistance of RTD’s, armature winding, and rotor winding
  • Armature Winding Test – Polarization Index (PI), Resistance, DC step voltage test. ELCID, Wedge map
  • Rotor Winding Test – Polarization Index, Resistance, AC Impedance ,RSO
  • Generator and exciter cleaning in excess of 12 hours will be considered extra  work.

Exciter inspection

  • Visual inspection
  • Insulation resistance tests

Pricing is offered based on the available information. Should additional work requirements be identified, these items will be negotiated as discovered. This pricing assumes that customer will supply all labor and technical supervision for the electrical isolation of the generators such that the above inspections can be completed.

Option – Electrical Isolation

RTS is pleased to provide an estimate for the neutral and main leads disconnection and reconnection for each of the (4) units prior to the electrical testing being performed. Pricing does not include any material costs and assumes that customer will provide appropriate insulators as required or if requested, RTS can provide pricing based on a time and materials basis.


  • Reveals pending faults in winding of the rotor and armature
  • Reveals deterioration of coil insulation caused by corona or end winding


  • Reveals possible shorted core laminations
  • Reveals loose slot support system
  • Establishes a “base line” for evaluating future inspections and input for establishing planned major maintenance activities

Final Report

  • Standardized format provided electronically (cd or electronic mail)
  • Photographs of critical areas in the stator winding, core, and rotor.
  • Dielectric absorption graph and analysis of insulation integrity
  • Summary of all insulation and winding resistance measurements taken.
  • Any anomalies reported immediately with the Final Report submitted within 10  days of inspection
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Our liquid cooled generator is consuming a very large amount of Hydrogen, and the plant has noted that a lot of H2 gas has been going out the vent stack. We checked the hydrogen seals on the generator and we don’t see any sign of H2 loss. What else could it be?

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